Sunday, December 25, 2011

Hensley Update as 2011 end is near...

Holy Moly! I can't seem to remember my log in information very well, which is why our blog doesn't get updated very often :o)
Here's what's been going on with the Hensleys since...well since the last time I updated:
1. Joey's been working with a great friend he's know for 23 years for a company called Fundamentum Capital. This company partners businesses and churches with capital sources and assists in getting them loans or lines of credit. He's been working so hard for about 7 months now, and his first loan will go to closing here in two weeks. It's been stressful for me watching my husband work so hard with no income yet, but I have faith in God, who has provided for us always, that he won't lead my husband down a blind path that he feels at peace about. It's also been very difficult being the only source of income for our family for over a year now, but hopefully that will be changing soon.
2. We're still leading the college group at church; aka: College(ish). It's been such a blast getting to know such great kids and sharing our stories with them to help them along this crazy path they call life! Strangest thing? Seeing where I start to feel "older" with every week/month that goes by. For example, none of our college kids have seen the "Smokey and the Bandit" movies. Such a shame.
3. We're still living with Joey's parents, but will hopefully be moving to our home soon. It's been such a blessing to save money, although it doesn't feel like we've saved any at all since I'm making about what Joey and I were making together back in College Station and I'm the only one working. I still feel like we're living paycheck to paycheck. Thankfully we had a place to go for a time or we wouldn't have made it. It's incredible how two lay-offs back to back two years ago are still affecting us financially. We need our own space though, where we can feel like a young married couple again and can host more College(ish) events without honing in on anyone else's space. We keep praying that Joey's loans will close ASAP so that we can pay off our debt and have enough to put down/pay for closing costs before this coming spring.
4. Why the hurry to get in a home you ask? Well......
Joey and I have been trying for a baby for 3 years, with only 3 unexplained miscarriages to show for it. We've been diligent to continue with chiropractic care and prenatals for seven months, but got to the point where we were ready for more extensive testing from a Fertility Endocrinologist. We made an appointment with a fert. specialist on November 11, 2011, where we discussed next steps in diagnostics. For a whopping $5500 worth of bloodwork, we could have found out what was wrong with me. Most recently, I've been up and down with my walk with God, just wrestling with more questions than anything. I know God wasn't punishing me, but if children are a blessing, then why weren't we being blessed? If he opens and closes wombs, then why was our's closed? Did I have sin I needed to confess, as I've been told after a miscarriage before? A great friend from College Station gave me some great advice: leave it in God's hands completely, even down to allowing Joey to initiate intimate moments so that I'm not controlling our love life around my ovulation cycles.
The opportunity to have testing done at the fert. specialist felt right for me. I felt like God was saying, "now is your time." He was making a way for us to find answers, even down to an angel at church donating $1000 that we needed to meet our deductible so we could find out what was wrong! (I cried hard when I read that message). So there we were, Quest Diagnostic sheets in hand and waiting for day 3 of my cycle so we could have our bloodwork done. And we waited, and we waited.
I had been cramping all week before, and just assumed I was stressed and tired from traveling and the questions that were still on my heart, so I decided to take a pregnancy test, which would say no and then psycologically, everything would return to normal and I would start the next day. Afterall, it had been that way many times before. So at 2:00am on November 14, 2011 I was awaken by dogs barking and needed to use the restroom. I figured, meh, might as well take it now. At 2:00am I sat on the floor of my bathroom in shock, crying, and disbelief as I watched the pregnancy test go positive in 30 seconds, and very strong at that. All of our others had been so faint, this was unreal! Joey was as excited as he could be at 2:00am, but showed more emotion the next morning. :o)
We started bloodwork the following day, checking my HCG and Progesterone every three days. My progesterone dipped once, but came right back up after starting a topical cream. So far, everything's going well. We saw the heartbeat for the first time at our early appointment (6.5 weeks) since we have recurrent miscarriages, and we go back again this coming Wednesday (10.5 weeks). Only two more weeks to go until we've made it through the first trimester and our miscarriage rate goes down to 1%.

I've never felt so overwhelmed by God's grace as I did in that moment! To think I blamed the one Who's always had my best interest at heart, and Who knows/understands my deepest desires. I'll never know why God does the things He does, but I suppose I'll have time to ask Him those questions when we get to heaven. I will continue to feel deeply for my friends and those I don't know who struggle with infertility. It was never something we planned for or expected, but had to quickly find some way to manage your emotions....
I still get teary eyed thinking about it....

I think that may be all that's going on with us at the moment. Prayers are always much appreciated if you happen to think about it.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Holy Moly It's Been a While!

Hey everyone!'s been quite the predicament trying to get logged in to actually update our blog. First we moved suddenly due to financial difficulties, which meant we lost our Suddenlink email address, so I couldn't log in. Somehow or another, my work email got linked to our Gmail and now I'm able! Weird! Still not sure how that one worked out...

Well, here's an abbreviated version of what the heck has been going on for the last 10 months:
1. We moved in with Joey's madre, and it's been fantastic! We both needed assistance in saving money, and we've had an amazing opportunity to help her out with the house work and learn how to accept help from others.
2. Amanda got a promotion with Banfield Pet Hospital as Field Trainer over the North Houston Market, covering 14 hospitals. Craziness how this one worked out. The first day on her job she was approached to interview for a Practice Manager position. During the interview, her resume was pushed back and her now colleagues said, "You know. We'd like to submit your resume to be our Field Trainer. We think you'd be better suited for that position with your skill and knowledge." Two weeks later, she interviewed with the Southwest Regional Vice President and was offered the position a week after that. Three days after the official offer she was on a plane to Phoenix, Arizona. Then San Francisco, California, Then Las Angeles, California, then Dallas, then Portland, Oregon, then.....It went on for 13 weeks, where she was home for only 36-48 hours on the weekends. Crazy times for the Hensleys, where it felt like we were dating again talking on the phone.
3. Joey has been praying and seeking the Lord's guidance. He almost accepted a position at our new church, Faith Bible Church, as the pastor's Ministry Assistant, but another great offer came through from an old friend to embark on something completely new and foreign to him! He's now working for Fundamentum Capital as a third party consultant for businesses and churches to gain capital. So far, it's been a lot of leg work, but we're praying for results and a pay day to be coming soon.
4. We had a contract on a Foreclosure home, but unfortunately had to withdraw our offer after the inspection. It was bad to say the VERY least, but looked pretty from the outside at times.
5. Still no babies. We've had EXTENSIVE testing done over the summer in terms of another set of bloodwork, micronutrient testing, HSG, Ultrasounds, and I think that's it...We found that I'm deficient in antioxidants (lots of free radicals roaming....strange), calcium, and asperginine (sp?). Apparently, the last is necessary for fetal DNA replication, which is why we've miscarried at 5 weeks each time. We're currently trying Chiropractic Therapy and Rx Strength Prenatals/Vitamins.
6. We're leading our church's college ministry, called College(ish). Loving it so far! We've both shared our testimonies and now leading Discipleship groups for guys and girls. We had a blast this summer and are kicking off our Fall semester events tonight, with First Friday (name idea stolen from Bryan's First Fridays).

I think that's all for now...

Sunday, November 7, 2010

We'll see ya when we see ya!

So, it's official. Joey and I will be moving the Woodlands area (Conroe address though) this Wednesday, November 10th. I can't believe how quickly everything has happened since we decided to move 3.5 weeks ago, which can only be attested to the wonderful perfect plan of God! Since we decided to move, I (Amanda) was accepted to Grad School at SHSU for an M.S. in Agriculture Education that will be completed in a little over a year, Joey was offered a position at Huntsville Intermediate School as the 5th and 6th grade bilingual teacher pending he passes the LOTE examination, we sublet our duplex in 24 hours and our leasing company decided to end our lease with no fees so we get all of our deposits back, I transferred with my company to two hospitals near where we'll be living and working full time, and we've made plans already to join Joey's old church there, Faith Bible church, and a home group. I'm super excited for something new, but nervous about what the future holds. It will be difficult for me, as we won't really get to settle in a whole lot living with Joey's mom for a while to give us a chance to pay off debt. All of my pots and pans and other various items will be in storage for an undetermined amount of time. Being crazy organized (I think OCD) it just makes me feel like I'm not really settled down to one place, and I don't really like the feeling of being in limbo-please pray that the Lord will give my soul rest. I am very much looking forward to starting school once again, but kind of nervous as well. I haven't been a student for 2.5 years! Let's hope I can remember how to study well.
Thank you all who came out to enjoy dinner and fun with us last night at Fuzzy's! It was so great to see so many of you again, especially all of our church friends that we haven't seen much of since we joined the Berean Sunday School class. Grace Bible Church, our friends we've made there and through our jobs are what's making it so difficult to leave BCS, but know that we're going where God wants us to go. We love you and will miss you, but promise to visit often! Adios.....

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bye bye College Station

So, for whatever reason our antivirus on our computer now thinks Blogger is bad which is why we haven't updated in  a while, but then I remembered my cool phone.
Now onto the important stuff. The Hensleys are moving!  This has been such a hard year for us on so many levels, but most of all financially. Joey's mom has graciously offered for us to rent a room until we can pay off some debt, find teaching jobs (since BCS stinks in that department) and get back on our feet. Amanda has an interview in two weeks at The Woodlands Banfield which sounds promising, so soonest we'll be gone is four weeks from now.
We'll miss Grace more than anything, and all of our favorite restaurants we've found, and our awesome home group, but unfortunately can't stay in an area that's not going to meet our financial needs when we're treading water. Amanda is planning on starting grad school in January or June, but we're still waiting on an official acceptance. Joey will hopefully be able to find a teaching job sooner than later being closer to a big city, and with school districts that don't go out of the country to find spanish speaking teachers that don't speak english (eye roll). An official move date is still TBD...

Thursday, August 26, 2010

And the Official Fertility Trip Begins....

So, I (Amanda) had an appointment with a fertility specialist yesterday, and I have mixed emotions about how it went. First off, I've been using progesterone cream for six months now as a fertility treatment that was easy and inexpensive. The only thing I got from it was acne returned and 20lbs of non-baby weight! Oh, and the cat urinating on my PJs and on the floor by my side of the bed for the first couple of months! (Thank the Lord that stopped) Only good thing from the cream was regulation of my cycles, which has never happened my entire life! My OB/GYN told me yesterday that the cream could have been preventing me from ovulating these last few months, which was very upsetting. So, even with the family history if endometriosis, she doesn't think a laparoscopy is warranted at this time, which I wish she would have been like, "Yes, let's schedule one right away just to take a look!" because that would have given me some peace of mind. The next step for us?
1. Well, she wants to monitor me as I approach and go through ovulation next month.
2. She recommends IUI (intra-uterine insemination). This process is roughly $900 per round! Joey and I have some serious praying and discussion to do with regards to this process.
3. We've been placed into a high risk category since we've been pregnant twice and miscarried both times, meaning if we do get pregnant on our own, she wants me to go on immediate bed rest until I can be seen and wants to see me right away as early as 4-5 weeks for ultrasound. We wouldn't be able to see a heart beat or anything yet, but would be able to make sure that attachment is OK and that a good gestational sac is forming.
Most important thing about yesterday's appointment is that I feel like I was given hope! My doctor is so wonderful and spends like 30 minutes just chatting and getting a clear picture before the physical. (if anyone is looking for a good OB/GYN in the BCS area, go to Dr. Friedman!) She said she has every confidence that we will get pregnant and have a healthy viable pregnancy at some point in time! She's happy that I stay healthy, already limit my caffeine intake and take pre-natal vitamins, (as you should if you're planning on getting pregnant) and that I'm young. I need to pray and get over the fact that Joey is older than me. I feel so pressured by myself since Joey's going to be 32 this year and thinking that he won't want to be a Dad at an older age, or that our kids won't want to have a Dad that's "old" when they graduate or go to college or get married. I know, it sounds silly, but it's something that's important to me, for whatever reason, and something that I struggle with. At this point, we're just trying to pay off debt so we can buy a house. According to our plan with working two jobs, we should have 1/2 of our debt (the non-student loan portion) paid off by the end of the year and may be in a place to house shop by May! :o) This makes me very very happy!
Prayer requests:
Joey is still on the search for a full-time teaching position in TX public school.
Fertility treatment process that has just gotten more involved.
That we would use wisdom and restraint over the next few months to pay off debt.
My sister-in-law and brother: That her pregnancy would continue to go well and that my brother would come to know Christ as his savior!
That my foot would heal quickly-somehow I got two stress fractures on my 2nd and 3rd metatarsal on my left foot, dorsal side. How? I'm not sure! :o)

Sunday, July 4, 2010


Joey and I went to see Eclipse last night with another couple friend of ours. I've read all the books and absolutely loved them! Joey, not so much into it, but warmed my heart to the center to have him come with me and share my excitement of the new movie. :o) Now that's an awesome husband!!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Summer Job News

Joester will be working at both Marble Slab and Old Navy for the summer. Not such great pay at either, but at least it's something that will pay the bills and just for the summer. I told Joey that when I gain weight from eating too much ice cream, then I can go to Old Navy and buy new clothes! :o) He just took his LOTE (Languages Other Than English) test on Friday, so hopefully we'll be hearing good news of a passing grade on that one soon. He said it was a really challenging test, but I have faith that he passed it! Still looking for a teaching job for the fall. What I want to know is why schools must wait until last minute to hire anyone! It would make more sense to get all your hiring out of the way right after school ends so that all that's left to do is planning and strengthening your teaching team, no wasting it doing interviews and such. Plus, then people like us can breath a sigh of relief knowing something is in the works. I digress...
Other than that, same ole same ole around the Hensley Casa...